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What is Return to Player?

If you are familiar with the casino gaming world, then the term Return to Player simply referred to as RTP won't be new to you. It is a term that is associated with all casino game and it simply tells players how much the game can offer as winnings. Visit mumsandbusiness to read NetEnt games reviews.

RTP is defined as the percentage of total bets being wagered on a casino game (whether slots, table games or live games), that the game will, in the end, give back as winnings. It is a theoretical value that is set by the developer of the game but it can vary slightly from one casino to the other.

  • RTP is a percentage of total bets that players can win
  • It is different from volatility and it does not involve the frequency of winning
  • The RTP of a game is the same regardless of the device you are playing it with.


Why You Should Consider a Game's RTP

To understand why RTP is important, let's explain it by using an example. Let's say a particular game has an RTP of 95% and all the amount players wagered on it is $100. Then what this means is that the game will pay back a total amount of $95 from the total amount wagered in the long run.

The $5 difference between the amount wagered and the amount the game will pay back is called the casino House Edge. This is the amount that the casino gains from the game for featuring it on its game lobby. Thus, as a casino player, you'll definitely want to play a game with higher RTP as it offers more winnings.

RTP vs Volatility - The Difference

A few casino players confuse the meaning of RTP and Volatility. Some even believe that the two terms are synonymous. However, that is not true. Volatility is a term that has to do with the risk of playing a game. It simply tells players the probability that they may win or lose while playing a game.

NetEnt Games and Their RTPs

So far, we've explained what RTP means and the reason it is important to always check it. if you want to check the RTP of NetEnt games, you can do so by accessing the information menu that is embedded in the game. Below are the RTP of a few NetEnt games that players love to play.

  • Starburst - 96.10%
  • Blood Sucker - 97%
  • Guns N' Roses - 96.98%
  • Gonzo's Quest - 96%
  • Cosmic Fortune Progressive - 96.90%
  • Dead or Alive - 96.80%

Can the RTP of a NetEnt Change?

There are a few NetEnt games that have variable RTP percentages. During the regular mode of these games, the RTP may be lower and once the bonus mode is triggered the RTP may increase. An example of such slot is Hotline with RTP of 96.13% – 97.04%, and Strolling Staxx with RTP of 95.95 – 95.98%.

Summary and Conclusion

We've shed light on what RTP means in this article as well as its importance. We've also gone ahead to discuss some of the RTP of NetEnt games and the reason why these values change in some games. So when next you are choosing a NetEnt game to play, always make sure you check the RTP value.